Region 208

AYSO and Region 208 depend on volunteers to get the job done each week. Every coach, referee and board member is a volunteer and devotes their time to help provide our kids with a rewarding soccer experience. We cannot run a successful organization without our Volunteers...please take the time to Thank them.

In addition to the people you see each week on the fields, there are many others that help Region 208 in some capacity.

How Can I Help?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities within Region 208:

Regional Board Member:
These are the people in the Orange Shirts at the fields each week, and they help run the organization. In addition to the Seven Required Board Positions, there are many other opportunities to help on the board. If you are interested in becoming part of the Region 208 Board, please contact the Regional Commissioner (rc@ayso208.org).
Team Coach:
Each of our 100+ teams needs a coach. Coaching your child's team can be a rewarding experience. You do not need any experience, and training will be provided. If you are interested in becoming a coach, contact our Coach Administrator (coach@ayso208.org). If you are unable to be a team coach, you can still be an Assistant Coach. It is a great way to be a part of the game.
Referees are an essential part of the game of soccer. They enforce the Laws of the Game and help ensure the game is Fun, Safe and Fair to all involved. Region 208 strives to make a referee available to every game (U8 and above), but we can't do this without volunteers. Anyone can become a referee, including kids (10 and above)...training is provided. Becoming a referee is a good way to learn the game of Soccer. If you are interested in becoming a referee, contact our Referee Administrator (referee@ayso208.org).
Team Parent:
Team Parents help keep the team organized by performing some of the "administrative" functions of running a team. Opportunities include communications, and coordinating the fund raising or snack schedule. Let your child's coach know you want to help...it is much appreciated.
Grounds Crew:
Each week many hours are spent mowing the fields, striping the fields, setting up the fields for play and cleaning up after the games. See the Grounds Crew section below for more information.
Our registration fees DO NOT cover the full cost of maintaining and improving our fields and facilities. Region 208 is committed to maintaining our registration fee at $100. We leverage tremendous volunteer support to keep our costs down, but we have to fundraise to help offset the difference between our registration revenue and actual expenses. Consider joining our fundraising team to help bring in the dollars that support the complex. Please contact the Fundraising Coordinators, at fundraising@ayso208.org, or afundraising@ayso208.org to join their team.
Other Opportunities:
There are many additional volunteer opportunies available throughout the year. Help is always need for tournaments, and other events held during the season. If you would like to help in any way, contact one of the "Orange Shirts" at the fields on Saturdays, or send an email to info@ayso208.org.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you would like to volunteer to help Region 208, either contact the appropriate person listed above, or see one of the Orange Shirt board members at the fields on Saturday. You will need to complete a Volunteer Application Form. This can be completed on-line at eayso.org. Print 2 copies, and return it to the Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (cvpa@ayso208.org). You may also pick up a Volunteer Application Form at the Shed. When complete, return it to the Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate. Note that a new Volunteer Application must be completed each year.

For Coaches, Referees and Board Members, completion of the Safe Haven Training Course is also required. This can be completed by going to http://www.aysotraining.org. Log in with your eAYSO ID and last name. If you do not know your eAYSO ID, contact info@ayso208.org

Grounds Crew:

Our Grounds Crew performs the following functions:

Please send your questions, or notification of desire to assist with any of these activities, to info@ayso208.org