Registration Information

Region 208

Registration Details:

The Registration Fees are $120.00 (full season) for the first registered family player.

For the U19 Divisions, the fee is $90.00 Supplemental Spring Registrations - All Other Divisions: $90.00. This includes the Spring session only.

Registration fees include a complete uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, socks, and shin guards.

Please Note: Fees have increased $20 to eliminate the individual player fundraising event.

We schedule 8 games each season but only guarantee 6 games per season, due to weather. If you register in the spring, the fee covers just the spring session. The following fall would be a different year. Payment can be made via check, cash, credit or debit cards as payment. If you have any financial concerns regarding fees please contact and we can determine how we might be able to help in this matter.

Be sure to also read our Frequently Asked Questions page for some common questions. We do register some players for the spring. This is only to fill in for those players not returning from the fall season. Fees are the same whether you register for both fall & spring sessions, or just the spring session.

For additional information regarding Registration contact the Registrar at

Registration Form:

A few things to remember when registering a child for next season:
  1. Insurance
    Check the insurance information and make sure the current doctor's name and phone number is listed. Have you changed your insurance carrier?
  2. Schools
    Indicate the school that your child will be attending next fall. If you are unsure which school your child will be attending, please make your best guess. If in the summer to correct the information, please do so by going on line and correcting any information that has changed.
  3. Player Requests
    You may request to play with another player. Write this request on the line 'brother or sister on same team'. Player requests greatly increase the complexity of team balancing - as this is done manually and not by the computer. These guidelines will allow your player request to be considered at the time of team balancing:
    • No request is guaranteed. A balanced team is one of our philosophies.
    • The player request is on a proper registration form and proper fees are paid by the final Fall registration date.
    • Only one request will be considered. No second or alternatives are permitted. A brother or a sister is a request. You may request a brother or a friend, but not both. However we do not guarantee placement of players.
    • Players must be the same age group.
    • Players must cross-reference each other on their registration form, e.g.: Tom requests Joe, Joe requests Tom.
    • You may not request a coach. All coaches and assistant coaches automatically have their child assigned to their team.

Refund Requests:
Refund requests can be made any time prior to the start of the first game of the season. Once the first game has been played, no refund will be granted. Refunds must be made by phone or e-mail to

Waiting List:
Once teams are full a waiting list will be formed for that age group. New teams will only be formed if enough players in an age group are on the waiting list and a coach is available.

Team Assignments:

The Fall season normally begins the second week of September. You should be called at least two weeks prior to the start of the Fall season, by the coach of your child's team. Please do not call AYSO asking for team assignments until then. If you have not been contacted by the first week of September, please call the hot line, 721-4976 or e-mail us at In the spring, your coach should contact you by March 1st.


Volunteers are always needed and welcomed to help with the registration process. If you are interested in helping, please call 721-4976 and leave your name and number.

Anyone planning to coach next year will need to fill out a volunteer form and sign it. If you are already a coach or a registered volunteer you must re-register each year. The easiest way is to go to and go through the Volunteer registration. Please print out and bring the signed copy to one of the registration dates. If you can not do this on line you must fill out a volunteer form. These forms will be available at for you at any of the registration dates.

High School/U19 Players:

The U19 player fee is $90 based on an 8 game season (fall for girls / spring for boys)

Players on High School Teams:
Players on high school teams cannot play for both AYSO and their high school team during the same season. Kansas State Athletic Association rules require you to inform us if your child is playing for school. Your child's eligibility may be jeopardized if you do not follow this rule. This rule does not apply to intramural soccer.

U19 Boys - Fall Session:
U19 Boys will play short sided (3 v 3) in the fall, and balanced teams can only be achieved when all the players are known before forming teams. To ensure balanced teams U19 boys registrations received by the final registration date will be assigned to a team. U19 Boys you are encouraged to relay this information to your friends at school - plan to play, don't delay. If you are going out for high school and do not make the team and wish to then play AYSO, please pre-register and we will hold a slot until you notify us of your status.

U19 Girls - Spring Session:
We will only offer a Fall Season for the U-19 Girls, due to many girls playing high school during the spring season. If there are girls that do not play high school during the spring season, they will probably play short sided (3 v 3), depending on the number of total players.